About Us

Walta Group is a leading innovative engineering solutions provider with expertise in research and development and the assembly of automated systems. The Malaysia-based group has been delivering engineering solutions to the information technology, pharmaceutical, toys, semiconductor and electronics industries since it was establised in 1993.

Walta Group delivers total engineering solutions to meet its customers' expectations and demands. The company is backed by its vast experience in design, assembly and upgrading of automated equipment systems. It is an invaluable resource with capabilities for complex projects and design expertise in large and small equipment and components.

Prestigious Recognition:

Walta Group's excellent performance was given due recognition when it ranked fifth in the Malaysian SME Enterprise 50 Award in 2011and SME Recognition Award in 2012.  These are the proofs of the company's resilience and due diligence in striving for the best while overcoming challenges of a competitive global market.

Furthermore, the company is an ISO 9001 certified engineering solutions provider who delivers only the best of quality in its products and services.



Our Philosophy